Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tips for Thursdays

We all want our stamps to last a nice long time
so let's chat a little about cleaning your stamps after use.

Once you have finished stamping your images you want to clean your stamps and remove them from the blocks within a short period of time. 
Your stamps and blocks will last longer if you do this.

To clean your stamps simply spray a small amount of
the CTMH stamp cleaner on the thicker side of our scrubber.

Scrub your stamp while it is still on the block gently on the wet side
and then dry it on the thinner side.  
(I know my scrubber is the old style but it still works just fine after 6 years!)

Remove your stamps from the block and return to the carrier sheet.

Then clean you empty block the same way on the thicker and thinner sides
of the scrubber.

If you use any type of liquid other than standard ink for your stamping such as bleach, glue and the likes.  You will want to clean your stamp off on a damp paper towel and then wash them with Dawn dishsoap before using your scrubber.

When your scrubber gets full of removed ink simply pop the thick side out
 run both the thick and thin sides under water, handwash
with a little Dawn dish soap to clean both sides and let it air dry. 
 It will be like brand new again in a few hours.

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