Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Technique Tuesdays

Are you wondering what everyday item I used to finish off
my super cute chipboard squares? 

Well we all have one or two lying around - tucked in drawers, our purses and in our medicine cabinets!

Any guesses?

An emery board!  Sure they are great for filing shaping nails but they are also great for shaping/sanding paper to fit an unusual or hard to trim edge!
The chipboard coasters in the My Creations Memory Game have lovely rounded corners.  I tried using the corner rounder punch but it did not match up perfectly to the shape of the coasters so I go out my trusty old emery board and went to town.

In a just a few quick minutes I had gotten all of the corners shaped perfectly to match the chipboard without having to try and make the cut with my scissors.

This technique also works great when covering alphabet letters, swirls or other chipboard pieces with hard to reach angles or middles.

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