Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tips for Thursdays

Last week we talked about transfering stamps from your carrier sheet
to your block and back.  

This week let's talk about "seasoning" your stamps so you get a fantastic image.

You have two options in "seasoning" your stamps.
The first option is the one I use most often. 
You simply ink up your brand new image and stamp it off onto
a scratch paper while gently twisting it on  the paper.

You will want to keep stamping and twisting until no more ink comes off off the image.  Then load it up with ink again and go through the same process. 
Doing this 3 - 4 times with a new stamp will remove any residue that might have
been left behind in the manufacturing process.

Your second  "seasoning" option is particulary helpful with large solid images. 
Simply get a good old pencil eraser
(those fab back to school sales always have them)
and rub the image to remove and residue. 

After seasoning your stamps you should get a nice crisp image when you stamp it
(remember to use your foam pad under your paper!)

If you find that ink is pooling on a solid image stamp it needs more seasoning.

Once your stamps are ready to roll you can create beautiful projects like this.

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